Ohio to Alaska, Day One

The idea of an epic trip is one thing, actually going on it is quite another. While the trip was challenging in some ways, it was also one of the most amazing trips we’ve ever taken and spurred our love of travel to a whole new level. That trip birthed an idea for our livesContinue reading “Ohio to Alaska, Day One”

HOW we planned it—Ohio to Alaska in 8 days… (pt 2)

How do you break a SIX THOUSAND MILE car trip into days, sections, and stops?  Very intricately—start with day one. (If you missed the first story in this series, you can find it here before you move on.) How do you keep the trip CHEAP? Inexpensive lodging—camping & staying with friends/family.  Inexpensive food—buy groceries.  InexpensiveContinue reading “HOW we planned it—Ohio to Alaska in 8 days… (pt 2)”