Imagine moving nearly 80 times and living in almost 20 states before graduating high school. This is the story of a young boy growing up on the road. Shawn D. Congleton shares his account of overcoming his life’s challenges, of never settling, that included poverty, constant change, and an alcoholic and abusive father. He learned some memorable lessons along the way as he grew up in this most unforgettable experience and found hope to overcome.

Journey with him across the United States as he moves from his birthplace of Camp Pendleton, California to Indiana to Colorado and sixteen other states only to return to Camp Pendleton for Marine Corps boot camp where his life changes forever. Find the hope he found and never settle for what life throws at you!

“Readers will be glad that Shawn Congleton never settled for a life like the one in which he grew up. Now his story can give hope to hearts that are looking for a chance to be loved and to belong.” ~ Tanya Anderson, Award-Winning Author and Editor

“This memoir quickly drew me in and I found myself engulfed in the narrative.” ~ Jeremy Hudson, Pastor, Fellowship Church

“In a beautifully raw and compassionate way, Shawn invites us into his painful, yet hopeful story.” ~ Chris LeMaster, LPC

“This book, more than most others, was able to reach all five senses! It took me back on a nostalgic journey of childhood memories that I had previously tucked away.” – Todd Buck, Educator


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Never Settled is a moving memoir written by Shawn D. Congleton. As a reader, you’ll experience first hand the struggles of a young man striving towards a way out of his tumultuous situation. There’s a wave of emotion as you see young Shawn battle parental guidance, poverty, a nomadic lifestyle, tragedy, and a fear of what the future may hold. Open this book, and get lost in a lifestyle that at times seems surreal and other times seems like a chapter out of your own story.”

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