Shawn D. Congleton

Tribute/Eulogy for Terri Hoffman (Congleton)

Today marked the lost of my first sibling, Terri Hoffman (Congleton). We held her funeral in Deer Trail, Colorado where she lived most of her adult life. I had the opportunity to share a tribute for her. As the crowd funneled into the fairly new school building and auditorium, there was a sea of blue…

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How To Love Your Teenager — Lesson 1

I’ve been working with teenagers for about 26 years.  AND if there is one thing I know, it is how to love teenagers.  I’ve been a parent of a teenager for 13 years and if there is one thing I learned, it was how to love MY teenagers. I was a youth pastor for nearly…

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Palm Sunday—Hitting Hard

This morning as I meditated on the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem for Passover (what we affectionately call Palm Sunday), I read a line that I am sure I’ve skimmed many times. Jesus was having a conversation with the crowd who is enthralled and curious and hopeful that he might be The Messiah—their Savior.  He…

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Hi, I’m Shawn. I have lived a life on the move; moving nearly 80 times before I graduated high school and living in almost 20 states. Since I got out of the Marine Corps in 1996, I have spent most of my time in Ohio with my wife, Heidi and three girls, Morgan, Jordan, and Brooklyn. I created this blog to share my story and inspire others!

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