Shawn D. Congleton

Who is the HERO?

My wife loves traditions, particularly around Christmas. We have a set of traditions that we have followed since the kids were very young. At first, these traditions really annoyed me. I don’t care much for traditions. She loves traditions because they ground us in life. Traditions give meaning and consistency for her. I don’t careContinue reading “Who is the HERO?”

A New Project?

It’s a new year, gotta start something new, right?! Most people are looking for a fresh start with some area of their life and the new year sometimes provides the motivation or reason to start anew. Obviously, any day we can choose to start something new, but too often we don’t.  We stay stuck. I’veContinue reading “A New Project?”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Shawn. I have lived a life on the move; moving nearly 80 times before I graduated high school and living in almost 20 states. Since I got out of the Marine Corps in 1996, I have spent most of my time in Ohio with my wife, Heidi and three girls, Morgan, Jordan, and Brooklyn. I created this blog to share my story and inspire others!

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