Shawn D. Congleton

What do you choose? – Lessons Learned from Ch. 5 of NEVER SETTLED

Emotions. Trauma. Insecurities. Fear. PTSD. Sadness. These realities ruled our lives in so many ways when I was growing up. Extreme emotions can rule a person’s life. They did, for my dad. They have, for me.  Yet, our responses have been so very different. My dad struggled with his emotions due to two important factors.Continue reading “What do you choose? – Lessons Learned from Ch. 5 of NEVER SETTLED”


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Hi, I’m Shawn. I have lived a life on the move; moving nearly 80 times before I graduated high school and living in almost 20 states. Since I got out of the Marine Corps in 1996, I have spent most of my time in Ohio with my wife, Heidi and three girls, Morgan, Jordan, and Brooklyn. I created this blog to share my story and inspire others!

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