Ohio to Alaska in 8 days, Day 3 (San Francisco)

You know how when you see popular travel destinations in a movie, you get this almost feeling that it only exists on the big screen. That our imaginations almost make it up. That the place is so surreal, that it doesn’t actually exist. Until you see it. The fog began to dissipate and we exitedContinue reading “Ohio to Alaska in 8 days, Day 3 (San Francisco)”

Tribute/Eulogy for Terri Hoffman (Congleton)

Today marked the lost of my first sibling, Terri Hoffman (Congleton). We held her funeral in Deer Trail, Colorado where she lived most of her adult life. I had the opportunity to share a tribute for her. As the crowd funneled into the fairly new school building and auditorium, there was a sea of blueContinue reading “Tribute/Eulogy for Terri Hoffman (Congleton)”