Underdog. Overcomer. Survivor.

These words have come up from others in reviews of NEVER SETTLED. I love to hear these words associated with my book. Who wouldn’t?!! 


When I hear the word “underdog,” I think of some of the greatest games of all time. The original Patriot team that won the big game with the backup QB, Tom Brady. That’s when my dad started liking them, when they were the underdog. He always rooted for the underdog. 

Which reminds me of the NCAA basketball tournament. The 16 seed versus the number 1 seed. I believe the 16 seed has only won once in the history of the tournament. That’s quite an underdog. My dad always rooted for the lesser seed. The excitement of the tournament where anyone can win one game is perpetuated by the idea of the underdog beating the favored team.

There was a little guy long before all of these athletic contests that showed up in the context of battle. David, literally the little guy, defeated the giant, Goliath—in a most unlikely way, with faith.


When I hear the word “overcomer,” I think of someone who has faced great challenges. If you want to watch some athletes overcome great challenges, turn on ESPN and watch their 30 for 30 episodes. There are so many stories of what these athletes have overcome. We usually just see the highlights at the end, but don’t know their whole story.

Which reminds me of James Conner, the RB for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He came from the local school, the University of Pittsburgh. But way more than that, he battled cancer as a young adult. Not only did he battle cancer as a college football player, but he overcame! He defeated it!

There are so many characters throughout the scriptures that speak to overcoming—that were overcomers. The main factor that helped them overcome was faith.


When I hear the word “survivor,” I think of someone who has faced death or elimination in some way, but survived. They continued on. Of course, my mind immediately goes to the CBS series that spent 20 years on television. When I watched the first few seasons, I had hoped to participate myself, thinking, I’ve spent a life surviving, I could do that.

Which reminds me of John Rambo. He was captured, not once but twice in Vietnam. In the second installment of his movies, he went back to Vietnam to free the POWs. In the midst of that, he was captured. But he survived and brought others back with him. Not only did he survive, but HE BROUGHT OTHERS BACK WITH HIM! Anyone ever heard of Daniel in the Lion’s Den?!! If not, check it out in the old testament—you know, the Bible. He was thrown into the Lion’s Den to face a ferocious enemy, yet survived due to his faith.

Have you noticed a trend yet? 

Underdogs can win with faith

Overcomers can overcome with faith

Survivors can survive with faith.

In these tumultuous times, we all need faith—the question becomes, where and how do we place our faith?

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Published by Shawn D. Congleton

traveler, writer, lover of God, thinker, family dude, in no particular order

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