It’s been a bit of a whirlwind. You know when you anticipate something for so long and then it happens—it blows by like a wind that you almost missed. I am just now settling down from it all.

The Book Launch Party was a tremendous success! I am so thankful for those that made it both in person and online. It started slow with in person attendance and I was a little apprehensive about that due to certain individuals who told me they would be there and then didn’t show.

Inviting people to events and then being disappointed by them not coming has always been a sore spot for me. It was one of my emotional challenges in ministry. But this was personal. However I knew I needed to have grace with others because we are literally in the midst of a pandemic and it was two days after Christmas. 

I couldn’t deny, though how it made me feel—a little down while I was getting ready to begin. Then the event started. I opened with my inspiration for writing the story which felt combobulated as it came out, no matter the fact that I had prepared in my mind what I wanted to say and wrote down notes to keep from forgetting it. 

Then I read a chapter from my book. That went surprisingly well. I didn’t cry. LOL For those that don’t know me well, that was a success! Of course, I chose a chapter that wasn’t very emotional, but was also a good summary of the way we moved. 

People were flabbergasted. They had no idea what it was like. It has been amazing to me that people who I thought knew me very well—had no idea. Saying “we moved a lot” doesn’t translate to what it was actually like. Even reading this “unemotional” account from one of my chapters doesn’t translate until you read the stories of how/why.

So many people have commented back… it was an emotional journey… it was a whirlwind of emotions… I felt so many things… I need time to process… I will get back to your review, I need some time first… 

Yes, it was emotional to live, as well. 

At this point in the Launch Party, the room had filled. Almost too full, due to COVID restrictions/limits. A few people even peaked their head in the doorway to say hi because there wasn’t room to come in. I heard one or two came in the hallway and then left because it was too full. A great friend of mine from the past, tried to start online, said it was too choppy then showed up for the second half.

We did a great family interview. I had no idea how that would turn out. A few of my siblings seemed very comfortable when we practiced discussion on Christmas day, but a few were still trying to figure out mute and unmute, when to talk and when to listen, etc. The family interview went very well, all things considered. But the best part was how my mom ended it, without any personal prompting or suggestions. 

“I feel like this family shows that you can come back from anything because everyone of you have grown up to be responsible adults and good parents and good providers for your families. And everyone of you is what every parent would hope their children would turn out to be.”

You have no idea the tears that came to my eyes for that. Each and every time I hear it.

Number one—it is so true. 

Second—thank you mom, thank you. 

Third—mom just doesn’t say stuff like that. She doesn’t. She is not much of a talker. She is quiet and reserved. She is sweet as all get out, but just doesn’t say much. 

Fourth—I see it in every one of my siblings. 

Fifth—this is similar to one of my messages in the book, but so true of all of us. 

Sixth—God is good.

By the end, I was overwhelmed by the love and support shown to me at the Book Launch Party. I was thankful for those that viewed online, as well.

I have been receiving many nice messages from people as they finish the book. They are all so encouraging and appreciated. 

Once you’ve had time to “process”, don’t forget to go to Amazon and/or Goodreads to leave a review. We need help getting this message out. I hope more will be inspired!! Thank you for being a part of all of this!

Published by Shawn D. Congleton

traveler, writer, lover of God, thinker, family dude, in no particular order

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