Who are you following?

Is your Christian experience aimless? Do you lack passion or zeal? Do you ever feel lost even though you know you are found? Does your life or church experience ever seem boring? If so, you probably want to continue reading.

If our goal is to know Jesus better and that enables us to follow and love Him, we must remain in Him. How do we remain in Him? We stay connected. We develop intimacy with Him. We expose ourselves to Him. We seek Him daily, even throughout the day. We focus on connecting with Him often. Then we will be able to follow Him, as we know Him better and better.

Have you ever heard how the Native Americans hunted buffalo in herds? They would guide a wild herd of buffalo in one direction while riding horseback. They would increase their speed and rile up the buffalo so that they were running as a stampede out of control. Since they were leading from the front and sides, they would run their own horses to spots near the edge of a tall cliff.  They would stop in time at specific spots where they could escape falling off the edge of the cliff themselves, but the herd of buffalo was moving too fast and out of control and the buffalo continued over the edge of the tall cliff and fall to their peril.


Think about it. Who you follow, determines your destination.

This is a most practical truth. It can be applied very literally. If you don’t know where you are going and you begin following someone who seems like they do, you will end up where they do. I remember times driving down the road to a popular event at an unknown destination that many others were also traveling to. Inevitably, we decided someone else seems like they know where they are going more than we do, so we start following them. Indeed they did know where they were going, but it wasn’t the same destination we wanted to go. Following them determined our destination, whether we actually wanted to go there or not.

Who you follow, determines your destination.

Think about the disciples. They followed Jesus around for 3 years while He was with them. Jesus knew this truth and when he called His disciples, he was very specific to call them to follow them. At the beginning, He didn’t call them to believe in Him. He didn’t invite them to join him at the synagogue for services. He didn’t even ask them to help Him by preaching or healing people. He asked them to follow Him.

Who you follow, determines your destination.

They followed him much more even after returned to heaven. Jesus led with love. He provided the example that they needed. They followed him to their death as well, but what they gained was ETERNAL LIFE! Not only did they experience eternal life, but they spread the message of following Jesus far and wide so that we can still follow Jesus today!

Think about it. Who you follow, determines your destination.

Published by Shawn D. Congleton

traveler, writer, lover of God, thinker, family dude, in no particular order

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