Ever feel lost???

Ever feel lost?

If you are a man, the answer to this question is of course, “No.” Not that we ever admit anyway. However, if we have any years to our lives, it’s probably inevitable that we’ve felt lost a time or two. Of course, I’m not talking about navigating our way to a particular destination, but more navigating our way in life.

Here is the great part, if we know Jesus, He will direct our paths. It’s like having constant GPS built in and it never runs low on battery!

Remember back in the day, pulling out a big old 80 page Atlas??? I loved that thing. Folded it in half and put it between the seat and console in my 1987 Toyota MR2. I would scour through that thing, planning my route and keeping a close eye on it as I drove to my destination.

When GPS started becoming popular, I pushed back at first even though I love new technology. I wasn’t sure I could trust it. Ironic for a guy who imagined in August of 1991 while driving to college with the dream of becoming a computer programmer, wouldn’t it be neat if you could type in your destination and hit search and it would find the best route for you?!? If only.

However, I also was hesitant to accept this new technology for another reason. As you drove, you could only see the next step in your journey. You couldn’t see the next 8 turns down the road and your final destination. You could only see the immediate road ahead of you and the next turn.

That takes trust. I have felt lost time and again using GPS, but I’ve never actually been lost. That’s the great thing about knowing Jesus. He will direct your path. Day by day, turn by turn. If you follow Him, He will direct your path. You may not know how many turns to your destination, but you can be sure He knows where He is taking you and you can trust the directions.

If you ever feel lost, just check your life to see if you are following Jesus. If so, you might feel lost, but you are always found and on the right path to an incredible destination.

Published by Shawn D. Congleton

traveler, writer, lover of God, thinker, family dude, in no particular order

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