Ohio to Alaska in 8 days, Day 3 (San Francisco)

You know how when you see popular travel destinations in a movie, you get this almost feeling that it only exists on the big screen. That our imaginations almost make it up. That the place is so surreal, that it doesn’t actually exist. Until you see it. The fog began to dissipate and we exitedContinue reading “Ohio to Alaska in 8 days, Day 3 (San Francisco)”

Why I LOVE to Travel

One could say that the way we grow up has a tremendous impact on who we are as adults. Others may say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  It’s the age old dilemma of NATURE vs NURTURE. And the ramifications are enormous. It could also be described as DESTINY vs DESTINATION. Destiny—theyContinue reading “Why I LOVE to Travel”