A New Project?

It’s a new year, gotta start something new, right?! Most people are looking for a fresh start with some area of their life and the new year sometimes provides the motivation or reason to start anew. Obviously, any day we can choose to start something new, but too often we don’t. 

We stay stuck.

I’ve been mulling over a couple of writing projects for quite some time, but have held off due to feeling a lack of motivation. Social Media posts have been telling me that I don’t need motivation to start, I just need to start. 

Yet, I have been holding off.

I think I have been holding back because of a lack of results from my previous writing project. I released my personal memoir one year ago. It was greatly received by many friends and family and I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from those people and even a few from my distant past. 

However, that has been about it. I had hoped to be able to get my project further out there to people who have no clue who I am because I believe my story can inspire, encourage and help someone to rise above the life they were given. 

Ultimately, that is my reason to write. I want to inspire, encourage and help. I want people to walk away better, challenged and ready to face the day.

Today is the day that I begin again.

I am still in need of some inspiration as I start to walk forward though so I sent some personal messages to many of my contacts from back in the day.

When I sat down to begin my first memoir, one of the things I did was create a mixed tape, er a playlist of music from the era that I was writing about. I pressed play and whala… the memories came flooding back.

Music has that amazing quality. I started typing and didn’t stop for hours.

Since I created my latest playlist of Jars of Clay, Michael W. Smith, and DC Talk to name a few, the memories came back, but the writing has not been so easy. Instead of worrying about how it will all fit together though, It’s time to just write. Get the words on the page and figure out how it all fits together later. 

A new year, a new project. 

How about you? What were you waiting for a new year to start? What have you been mulling over in the back of your mind? What step(s) do you need to take to get started?

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

Published by Shawn D. Congleton

traveler, writer, lover of God, thinker, family dude, in no particular order

2 thoughts on “A New Project?

  1. Hi Shawn, voi·la   /vwäˈlä/      exclamation: there it is; there you are: “Voila!” she said, producing a pair of strappy white sandals”        Grace Tinsley-Clark     

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